Assam Cultural GK Question And Answer For Competitive Exam

Collection of questions and solved exam papers from different exams like Assam PSC, Assam Police, Panchayat, APDCL, PNRD etc. By the help of you will prepare for exam

Q1. Which city is also known as “The Cultural Capital of Assam”
(A) Jorhat
(B) Guwahati
(C) Sivsagar
(D) Nagaon

Answer: (A) Jorhat

Q2. The first non-government college of Assam is
(A) Biswanath College of Agriculture, Biswanath Chariali
(B) Bholanath College, Dhubri
(C) Bajali College, Barpeta
(D) J.B. College, Jorhat

Answer: (D) J.B. College, Jorhat

Q3. When Majuli is formally declared as a district in Assam
(A) September, 2016
(B) Novemebr, 2016
(C) January, 2017
(D) March, 2017

Answer: (A) September, 2016

Q4. Which forest is single-handedly planted by Jadav Payeng
(A) Barnadi forest
(B) Molai forest
(C) Barail forest
(D) Dihing forest

Answer: (B) Molai forest

Q5. In which year, Kaziranga was designated a “Reserve Forest” for the first time
(A) 1902
(B) 1906
(C) 1908
(D) 1912

Answer : (C) 1908

Q6. Which one district is declared as the first carbon free district in Assam (also in India)
(A) Dhemaji
(B) Majuli
(C) NC Hills
(D) Karbi Anglong

Answer: (B) Majuli

Q7. In which year, Kaziranga has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO
(A) 1982
(B) 1985
(C) 1987
(D) 1992

Answer: (B) 1985

Q8. Which place is known as the heart of the Assamese neo-Vaishnavite culture
(A) Jorhat
(B) Majuli
(C) Barpeta
(D) Sivsagar
Answer : (B) Majuli

Q9. According to the 2017 elephant census, total number of elephants in Assam is
(A) 4581
(B) 4823
(C) 5276
(D) 5719

Answer: (D) 5719

  1. Which one was the capital of the Kachari kingdom
    (A) Golaghat
    (B) Rangpur
    (C) Mushalpur
    (D) Dimapur

Answer: (D) Dimapur

Q11. In which year, Malladev (Nara Narayan) acquired the title Narayan
(A) 1508
(B) 1521
(C) 1540
(D) 1548

Answer: (C) 1540

Q12. The Bodoland Territorial Council was established in the year
(A) 1998
(B) 2001
(C) 2002
(D) 2003

Answer: (D) 2003

Q13. Which one district is not under the BTAD council
(A) Kokrajhar
(B) Baksa
(C) Goalpara
(D) Udalguri

Answer: (C) Goalpara

Q14. By population, Assam is the _ largest state of India
(A) 12th
(B) 13th
(C) 15th
(D) 18th

Answer: (C) 15th

Q15. Nambor Wildlife Sanctuary is located in which district
(A) Sivasagar
(B) Golaghat
(C) Dibrugarh
(D) Karbi Anglong

Answer: (D) Karbi Anglong