Assam Gk – Culture of Assam, MCQs Question For Competitive Exam

1. The First cultural assimilation of Assam took place between______________ and ____________

(A) Austro-asiatic / Irano-Scythians

(B) Austro-asiatic / Tibeto-Burman

(C) Tibeto-Burman / Irano-Scythians

(D) Sino-Tibetan / Tibeto-Burman

Answer : (B) Austro-asiatic / Tibeto-Burman

2. Assamese Brahmins are the community in the state Assam who are considered to have __________

(A) Mongolian race

(B) Aethiopian race

(C) Caucasian race

(D) American race

(E) Malayan race

Answer : (C) Caucasian race

3. Assamese Ganaks (who are also known as Daivajna) are the descendants of _____________

(A) Sakaldwipiya Brahmins

(B) Saraswat Brahmins

(C) Kanyakubja Brahmins

(D) Saryupareen Brahmins

(E) Bhumihar Brahmins

Answer : (A) Sakaldwipiya Brahmins

4. The Ahoms are the descendants of the ethnic___________ people

(A) Tibetan

(B) Tibeto-Burmans

(C) Tai

(D) Burmans

(E) Sino-Tibetan

Answer : (C) Tai

5. “Bukuni-Patani” is a traditional costume of which tribe

(A) Ahoms

(B) Koch Rajbongshi

(C) Sonowal–Kacharis

(D) Rabha

(E) Karbi

Answer: (B) Koch Rajbongshi

6. Sonowal Kacharis are descendants of the ‘Hammusa’ family belong to the ___________ of people

(A) Mongolian race

(B) Aethiopian race

(C) Caucasian race

(D) American race

(E) Malayan race

Answer : (A) Mongolian race

7. The main deity of the Rabhas is called ________

(A) Aditi

(B) Bhaga

(C) Vasukra

(D) Atri

(E) Rishi

Answer: (E) Rishi, for the forest Rabhas as well as village Rabhas, is a male deity. He is also known as Mahakal.

8. The Karbis(Tibeto-Burman group) are a Patrilineal society composed of ________ major clans or Kur.

(A) Three

(B) Four

(C) Five

(D) Six

Answer : (C) Five

There are five clans in Karbi:

  1. Lijang – Ingti
  2. Hanjang – Terang
  3. Ejang – Inghi
  4. Kronjang – Teron
  5. Tungjang – Timung

9. “Peng Karkli” is a traditional festival celebrated by which tribe

(A) Tiwa

(B) Mech Kachari

(C) Rabha

(D) Karbi

Answer : (D) Karbi

Peng is originally Ingnam Api, literally, “Forest Creature” commonly associated with spirits. Source: D. S. Teron, in his paper, “Understanding Karbi Folk Religion,” says: “‘Peng’ was a forest entity or ‘ingnam api’ or an ‘evil spirit’ or ‘chekama’ who was looking for an opportunity to have a direct meeting with a certain Karbi man. The word “api” in Karbi means a “creature,” or a “living object.” Peng, was a forest entity, but he gradually became deitified in course of time.

10. “Rongker” is a ___________ observed by the Karbi people of Assam.

(A) Autumn festival

(B) Harvest festival

(C) Spring festival

(D) Summer festival

(E) Winter festival

Answer : (C) Spring festival.

Rongker is an annual springtime festival. The festival does not have any specific time although it is usually observed at the beginning of the New Year (month of April) i.e Mainly the festival is celebrated during the month of January or February.

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