General Knowledge On Assam for APSC, Assam Police 2022

Before we start General Knowledge question and answer On Assam, Do you know how many states does Assam shares its border with?

yes, the answer is seven (7), Assam shares its border with 7 Indian states.

It is the second state in India that is connected with several states after Uttar Pradesh that shares its border with nine 9 states.
Assam is a state in Northeast India popularly known for its Assam Tea and Assam Silk.

In this article, we will ( provide Assam’s History, Geography, Demographics, Culture, Economy, Some Politics, and many more. Read all the General Knowledge Questions On Assam to learn about the interesting facts about this Indian State.

General Knowledge On Assam

1. What is the total Area of Assam?

Answer: 78,438 km2

2. Name the states that Assam shares its border?

1) Arunachal Pradesh
2) Manipur
3) Meghalaya
4) Mizoram
5) Nagaland
6) Tripura
7) West Bengal

3. What Rank does Assam hold by its Area comparing other states in India?

Answer: 16 (2.38 % of the National Share)

4. Which country can you compare with Assam with its land area?

Answer: Scotland

5. How many Districts does Assam have?

Answer: 34

6. How many Sub-Divisions does Assam have?

Answer: 78

7. What is the capital of Assam?

Answer: Dispur

8. Which is the Largest city of Assam?

Answer: Guwahati

9. The Largest city in Northeast India?

Answer: Guwahati (Area: 328 km²)

10. When did Assam get its Statehood?

Answer: 26 January 1950

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11. Official Language of Assam?

Answer: Assamese

12. Where is Assam Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Dispur

13. How many constituencies does Assam have in its Legislative Assembly?

Answer: 126
14. How many Assembly Seats are reserved for ST?

Answer: 16

15. How many Assembly Seats are reserved for SC?

Answer: 8

16. Which city is called the Gateway to Northeast?

Answer: Guwahati

17. Popular Singers in Assam?

Answer: Zubeen Garg, Papon, Deeplina Deka, Vreegu Kashyap, etc

18.  Which state is north of Assam?

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

19. Which states are south of Assam?

Answer: Meghalaya, Tripura, and Mizoram

20.  Which state is West of Assam?

Answer: West Bengal

21.  Which states are East of Assam?

Answer: Nagaland and Manipur 

22. Which countries does Assam share its border with?

Answer: Bhutan And Bangladesh

23. The Only IIT in Northeast India?

Answer: IIT Guwahati (Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati)

24. What is the name of the State Song of Assam?

Answer: O Mur Apunar Desh

25. Where is Barak Valley Plain?

Answer: Southern Region of Assam

26. Where is Kaziranga National Park Located?

Answer: Kanchanjuri (Assam)

27.  Who is the Chief Minister of Assam?

Answer: Himanta Biswa Sarma

28. When did Sarbananda Sonowal become Chief Minister?

Answer: 2016

29. Who is the Health Minister of Assam?

Answer: Keshab Mahanta

30. Which Indian state is the largest tea producer in India?

Answer: Assam

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31. What was the capital of Assam during the British Raj?

Answer: Shillong

32. Which is the Oldest Oil refinery in India?

Answer: Digboi (Assam)

33. First Oil Well in Asia?

Answer: Digboi

34. What is the name of the Folk dance of Assam?

Answer: Bihu

35. Which Northeast State has the highest number of District Divisions?

Answer: Assam

36. UNESCO World Heritage Sites found in Assam?

1) Kaziranga National Park: Golaghat and Nagaon districts (Assam)
2) Manas National Park: Barpeta district (Assam)

37. Most populated state in Northeast India?

Answer: Assam

38. Where is the Birthplace of Famous Tv Anchor Arnab Goswami?

Answer: Guwahati (Assam)

39. The longest bridge in India?

Answer: Dhola Sadiya Bridge (9.15 Km, Assam)

40. Which is the Oil City of Assam?

Answer: Digboi

41. Highest Dam in Assam?

Answer: Subansiri Dam (130 m)

42. Asia’s oldest Amphitheater?

Answer: Rang Ghar (Assam)

43. How many Airports are in Assam?

Answer: 6 (Six)

44. List of All Airports in Assam?

1) Dibrugarh Airport
2) Jorhat Airport
3) Lilabari Airport
4) Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport
5) Silchar Airport
6) Tezpur Airport

45. Which is the only International Airport in India?

Answer: Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport (Guwahati)

46. Which state in the Northeast has the Maximum number of Commercial Airports?

Answer: Assam

47. Who is Gopinath Bordoloi mentioned in Lokpriya Gopinath Bordoloi International Airport?

Answer: Former Chief Minister of Assam (1st)

48. State Symbols Of Assam?

1) Animal: Indian rhinoceros
2) Bird: White-winged duck
3) Flower: Foxtail orchid
4) Tree: Hollong

49. List Of National Parks in Assam?

1) Dibru-Saikhowa National Park
2) Kaziranga National Park
3) Manas National Park
4) Nameri National Park
5) Orang National Park
6) Raimona National Park
7) Dehing Patkai National Park

50. The Density of Assam?

Answer: 397/km²